Planting a new hedge can be a large investment and you must remember that you are buying a living product.  To give it the very best chance of successful establishment, it is important to prepare the site before planting and look after your hedge properly after planting.  We stock a range of the more useful products for site preparation including planting compost, fertiliser, rootgrow and bark mulch.  In addition, we stock normal hose pipe and leaky hose pipe which is essential for watering your hedge after planting and is the only way to truly ensure that your hedge gets properly watered.  We are always happy to advise on which accessories would be appropriate and how much you need for your new hedge.  Scroll down to view the accessories that we have available.

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Tree Guards
£0.18 (+vat)
Buy 100 for £0.15 each (+vat)
Tree Guards
£0.40 (+vat)
Buy 100 for £0.35 each (+vat)
£0.95 (+vat)
Buy 100 for £0.85 each (+vat)
Tree Ties
£1.50 (+vat)
Tree Stakes
£3.50 (+vat)
Garden Fertiliser
£7.50£15.00 (+vat)
£7.50£37.50 (+vat)
Plant Food
£7.50£15.00 (+vat)
£12.50 (+vat)
Leaky Hose
£15.00£50.00 (+vat)