As well as being renowned for our range of hedging plants of all sizes and varieties, we supply a range of shrubs which make useful additions to gardens and planting schemes.  We have listed here a range of shrubs that in their own right make good specimen plants but can also be useful hedging plants in some circumstances.  For instance Griselinia and Elaeagnus are useful plants for planting in coastal situations. Aucuba (spotted Laurel) although it is not a Laurel can be quite usefully planted in a shaded area for a low hedge as it keeps its colour in shade.  Lavender can be planted on its own or as a row to provide a highly scented hedge with attractive blue and purple flowers.

Scroll down to see the shrubs that we have available or if there is something in particular that you are looking for, please call us on 01252 714552.

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Euonymus Emerald Gaiety
£3.50 (+vat)
Buy 50 for £3.25 each (+vat)
Lavender Hidcote
£3.95 (+vat)
Buy 50 for £3.55 each (+vat)
choisya ternata
£5.00 (+vat)
Buy 20 for £4.50 each (+vat)
choisya ternata Sundance
£7.50 (+vat)
Buy 20 for £7.00 each (+vat)
Euonymus Emerald n Gold
£8.50 (+vat)
Buy 10 for £7.50 each (+vat)
Escallonia Red Dream
£12.50 (+vat)
Buy 10 for £10.00 each (+vat)
Dogwood Baton Rouge
£17.50 (+vat)
Buy 10 for £15.50 each (+vat)
Dogwood Midwinter Fire
£17.50 (+vat)
Buy 10 for £15.50 each (+vat)
Griselinia hedge plants
£17.50 (+vat)
Buy 10 for £15.00 each (+vat)
Dogwood Flaviramea
£17.50 (+vat)
Buy 10 for £15.50 each (+vat)
Elaeagnus hedging
£19.50 (+vat)
Buy 10 for £17.50 each (+vat)