Keep your neighbours as friends

We read from time to time about disputes between neighbours over conifer hedges.  Such disputes don’t always involve Leylandii but it usually gets blamed anyhow!  Such behaviour is inexcusable and […]

Wildlife Loves Hedges

Evergreen and deciduous hedges including Conifers and Laurel hedge plants are a haven for birds and small mammals providing highly desirable nesting sites, as well as shelter from excesses of […]

Look after your hedge

All hedges whether they are conifers, laurels (or for that matter privet, beech, yew or box) require to be looked after in a proper manner, and that means clipping them […]

Watering – the right and wrong way

Follow the Golden Rules of Watering in the year of planting to allow your hedge to flourish – it’s easy! Container grown plants can be planted all the year round […]

What’s the difference between Bare-Root, Root balled and Container Grown Plants

Bare-root plants are nursery dug (usually machine lifted) with all the soil shaken off and are only sold in the dormant season from October-March…preferably before the end of January. Native […]

The benefits of Rootgrow for bare-root plants

Rootgrow is a culture of a naturally occurring beneficial fungi which encourages plants to produce a huge secondary root system which will support them for their lifetime. The benefits are […]