Root-balled Hedging

Root balled hedging refers to plants that have been grown in an open ground nursery and the plants are dug directly out of the ground with a lump of earth wrapped around the roots tied up in a ball, ready for sale.  The earth surrounding the roots helps to retain moisture during the period that the plants are dug out of the ground before planting in the customers garden.

We typically supply larger sizes of Laurel, Yew, Portuguese Laurel, Privet, Holly and Thuja in root balled format throughout the colder months of the year.  These are a highly effective way of planting a larger sized hedge without incurring the costs of using container grown plants.  We can supply large quantities of root balled hedge plants for larger planting jobs.

Scroll down to see the root balled hedging plants that we have available or click on the sub categories to view root balled plants by species.

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small laurels
£20.00 (+vat)
Buy 25 for £16.50 each (+vat)
Small root balled yew
£21.00 (+vat)
Buy 25 for £18.50 each (+vat)
small PortuPortuguese Laurel hedgingguese laurel
£22.50 (+vat)
Buy 25 for £20.00 each (+vat)
cherry laurel root balls
£25.00 (+vat)
Buy 20 for £20.00 each (+vat)
root balled yew hedge
£25.00 (+vat)
Buy 25 for £22.50 each (+vat)
Portuguese Laurel hedge plants
£30.00 (+vat)
Buy 25 for £25.00 each (+vat)
thuja hedge plants
£30.00 (+vat)
Buy 20 for £25.00 each (+vat)
Yew hedge plants
£35.00 (+vat)
Buy 20 for £30.00 each (+vat)
large thuja hedge
£35.00 (+vat)
Buy 20 for £30.00 each (+vat)
Root balled Privet
£40.00 (+vat)
Buy 18 for £35.00 each (+vat)
thuja hedging plants
£42.50 (+vat)
Buy 20 for £37.50 each (+vat)
5ft portuguese laurel
£45.00 (+vat)
Buy 20 for £40.00 each (+vat)
8ft Root balled Privet
£45.00 (+vat)
Buy 18 for £40.00 each (+vat)
Root Balled Laurel
£47.50 (+vat)
Buy 20 for £40.00 each (+vat)
Portuguese Laurel hedging
£70.00 (+vat)
Buy 20 for £65.00 each (+vat)