Laurel Hedging (Root Balled)

We can usually supply Laurel in sizes up to 6ft and taller for most of the year. Laurel is a most useful hedging plant because it grows happily in shade and puts up with dry sites. Laurel provides all the year round privacy as well as winter protection for many small mammals and garden birds. Blackbirds and thrushes are particularly fond of them as nesting sites. If you have a big laurel hedge that has become far too big don’t rip it out. Hold your nerve, and cut it back to 2ft stumps and it could regenerate with a vengeance giving you a wonderful young hedge again. If however you do need to plant a new hedge scroll on down this page to see the sizes that we offer at sensible prices! We are able to supply root-balled and container grown plants during the winter period and container grown Laurels during the summer.