Native hedging is the traditional field hedge which is made up of a selection of native trees. Usually it is based on half of the hedge being made of Hawthorn and Blackthorn supplemented with Field Maple, Hazel, Dogwood, Spindle and is planted in a double row at 5 plants per metre. It is a traditional ‘pick and mix’ giving you the flexibility to vary the species and quantities according to your choice. A few Holly plants scattered sparingly along such a hedge can add some winter colour. Native hedging is sold bare-root and is only dug from the field in the winter and is the cheap option. Because they are bare-root more care is required when planting to avoid losses and dipping the roots in Rootgrow before planting has been shown to be an effective aid to establishment in the first year.

Beech and Hornbeam can be included in a native hedge but they tend to be make a better single species hedge although Beech combines very well with Holly planted in the base of the hedge to give some winter interest.